Nine Simple Habits for Good Gut Health

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By Women's Health UK

Nine Simple Habits for Good Gut Health

Thursday, 23 April

Lockdown life (spending 99% of your time in the house with snacks on tap; tweaked workout schedule; pandemic-induced worry) is causing unprecedented levels of digestive disruption to women right now. But, if you're currently bloated, gassy, or seriously blocked up, we have good news: getting your gut health back on track can actually be pretty simple. Joining host Roisín Dervish-O'Kane to show you how is Dr Megan Rossi AKA the Gut Health Doctor, a registered dietician who investigates nutrition-based therapies in gut health at King's College London. She's also author of the bestselling book Eat Yourself Healthy: An Easy-to-Digest Guide to Health and Happiness From the Inside Out. In this episode, Dr Rossi explains why a well-functioning gut is essential for everything from good mental health to strong immunity, and how you can get yours in a good place - through lockdown, and beyond.


Why lockdown life can make us bloated and gassy

How to create a gut-stimulating morning routine

The fundamentals of gut-healthy nutrition

Why tweaking diet and lifestyle is better than taking probiotic supplements

A constipation-relieving workout switch

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