A Four-Step Formula for Beating WFH Burnout

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By Women's Health UK

A Four-Step Formula for Beating WFH Burnout

Wednesday, 15 April

Work’s a bit different these day, isn't it? Neat desks have been replaced with multitasking kitchen tables, colleagues with noisy family members, and some semblance of work-life balance with a messy mélange of the two. We want things to be business as usual; to get our heads down and plough on, grateful – amidst massive economic insecurity – to still have a job. But, if you’re finding it really bloody difficult to do so in these altered circumstances, you’re not alone. Joining Roisín to discuss how we can all navigate this new work world order is Nir Eyal, behavioural engineering expert, author of Indistractable: How To Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life, and (good news for any working parents listening) a seasoned home-schooler. In this episode, he explains why the current situation is so ripe for burnout and shares simple tactics to help us fine-tune our focus so we can work, and live, better - during these unprecedented times, and beyond.


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