How To Deal with Lockdown Disappointment

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By Women's Health UK

How To Deal with Lockdown Disappointment

Thursday, 9 April

We're two weeks into lockdown life and looking ahead to a sunny Easter weekend spent…indoors. Milestone birthdays are now reduced to a collection of small squares on a laptop screen and everything from holidays to weddings that have been months - years - in the planning have been called off. Of course, there are bigger things going on: people are losing their lives, their jobs and their loved ones during the coronavirus crisis. So, how do we manage our feelings about our own, comparatively trivial, lockdown losses when there’s a global pandemic unfolding - and is it okay to even ask the question? Yes, says this week’s guest, renowned psychotherapist and bestselling author Julia Samuel MBE. In this episode, she tells Roisín why it’s okay to feel gutted about disruptions in our own little worlds, how to process negative feelings and why emotional self-maintenance helps us show up better for those who need us right now. 

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