Talking Coronavirus: What A GP On The Frontline Wants You To Know

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By Women's Health UK

Talking Coronavirus: What A GP On The Frontline Wants You To Know

Thursday, 19 March

Regular listeners will know that we normally focus on helping you reach a health or wellness goal. But these aren’t normal times. The novel coronavirus, or Covid-19, is now a global pandemic, and in the UK, we’re facing what the Prime Minister has declared ‘the worst public health crisis for a generation’. Right now, all we - like you - want to know, is how to stay as physically and mentally well as possible, and how to minimise the risk of causing harm to others. So, that’s exactly what we’ll be aiming to find out over the next few episodes, where we’ll be putting your coronavirus questions to scientists, healthcare professionals and fitness experts - starting with Dr Chintal Patel. Dr Patel studied immunology at university before going on to qualify as a GP. Today, she practises in central London, putting her on the frontline of the Covid-19 response in the UK. In this episode, she reveals what life has been like for GPs these past few weeks, answers your questions and shares the practises she’s been using to keep herself and her family safe and well. 

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What is a coronavirus and why is this one posing such a threat?

What does flattening the curve mean, and why it is so important? 

What are the key symptoms of Covid-19, and how should you manage them?

How should you talk to children about this pandemic? 

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