What To Eat To Build Better Mental Health

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By Women's Health UK

What To Eat To Build Better Mental Health

Thursday, 12 March

We suspect you’ve felt the feel-good benefits of diving head first into a bowl of pasta first-hand. But beyond the emotional response that food can trigger, what you eat every day can have a very real impact on the day to day workings of your brain - and how you feel. Enter nutritional psychiatry: a growing field of research that’s unpicking the relationship between food and feelings. Sounds complicated, but it’s actually really simple to put into practise. Here to help us translate the science into a shopping list is Kimberley Wilson, Chartered Psychologist and author of the brand new book How To Build A Healthy Brain. 

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What is nutritional psychiatry? 

What are cooled carbs, and why are they so useful? 

What’s the perfect meal to eat for brain health?

How does alcohol affect the brain?

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