How To Become An Ethical Eater

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By Women's Health UK

How To Become An Ethical Eater

Thursday, 23 January

Veganuary is in full swing, and whether you’ve gone cold turkey on animal products, adopted a flexitarian approach or you’re giving Meat Free Monday a go, eating in a way that supports planetary health will be on the minds of many at the moment, following recent climate events. But the deeper you delve into ethical eating, the more confused you can become. The recent news that almond milk production is to blame for wiping out millions of honey bees is just the latest blow for those striving to eat sustainably. In this episode, Senior Editor Roisín Dervish-O’Kane is joined by Rosemary Green, Assistant Professor in Nutrition and Sustainability at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, to discuss the latest in sustainability science, the nuances and contradictions involved in attempting to eat ethically and how to do so without neglecting nutrition. 

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What are the different strands of ethical eating? 

Why are animal products so harmful for the environment? 

What is the planetary health diet?

How does eating ethically marry with eating healthily? 

How can labels be useful when attempting to eat more ethically?


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