17 Simple Ways To Reset Your Routine with Dr Chatterjee

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By Women's Health UK

17 Simple Ways To Reset Your Routine with Dr Chatterjee

Wednesday, 27 May

Have you found yourself thinking lately about your habits? Maybe you’ve been reflecting on what actions, thoughts and behaviours from the time BC (Before Covid, that is) are worth incorporating into this ‘new normal’ we’re hearing so much about lately - and which ones you’re better off without. If you’re privileged enough to be able to do your non-essential job from home right now, without needing to simultaneously care for children (major props, by the way, to all parents pulling it off) your days may well have gained some additional white space. And this, according to Dr Rangan Chatterjee - medical doctor, lifestyle medicine advocate and host of the Feel Better, Live More podcast - presents a real opportunity. One in which you can reflect on your daily routine and begin making small adjustments that can have a big impact on your physical, mental and emotional health. In this episode, he joins Roisín to discuss the healthy habits worth building into your schedule, and the behavioural science-based techniques you need to make these changes last. 

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