Liana Finck, New Yorker cartoonist, on finding confidence and creativity in quarantine

Liana Finck, New Yorker cartoonist, on finding confidence and creativity in quarantine

By Financial Times

FT Weekend

Friday, 29 May

This week, Lilah talks to Liana Finck, a graphic novelist and New Yorker cartoonist with a fan base on Instagram that’s half a million strong. Liana is known for her funny and astute explorations of what it means to be human. She talks about how to free yourself up to be creative in quarantine, where confidence comes from, the most interesting human expressions to draw and what it’s like to have Ariana Grande slide into your DMs.

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Links and notes from the episode:

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About Liana Finck:

–Liana's Instagram:

–Her graphic memoir is called Passing for Human

–Some of Liana’s New Yorker cartoons about quarantine:

–Unpopular likes and unpopular dislikes:

–Me/you/us, plotted:

–Liana’s recommendations for which graphic novels to start with:

Everything is Flammable, by Gabrielle BellCan't We Talk About Something More Pleasant? by Roz ChastWendy, by Walter Scott


–Lilah and listener Martha O’Neill’s film recommendation, Three Identical Strangers, is on Netflix

–Martin Wolf video: How might the world be different after the pandemic?

–Martin Wolf column: Maintaining the lockdown and saving the economy are mutually compatible (paywall)

–Apps about trees: Tree Talk (London) and Leafsnap (US and UK)

–Gris' film recommendation, 120 BPM, is on Hulu and available to rent

–Listener Victoria Amico's Netflix recommendations are 13th (Ava DuVernay's documentary on racialised mass incarceration in the US) and The Great Hack (on the Cambridge Analytica scandal)

–Listener Kana Kamagae's Netflix recommendations are Never Have I Ever (Mindy Kaling’s TV series) and Tigertail

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