S3 E1: Mastering the Mysteries of Space Tourism

S3 E1: Mastering the Mysteries of Space Tourism

By RS DesignSpark

It's time for some Tech with a Comedy Twist!

Dr Lucy Rogers, Bec Hill and Harriet Braine are back for Series 3 of The DesignSpark Podcast, the show that uses facts, songs and well-engineered puns to master the mysteries of modern technology. 

In this episode, the trio are exploring the world of Space Tourism. It is the area of technology that comprises two of the world's most difficult things; rocket science and customer service. 

Join them on their journey, which includes Lucy's Quick Start Guide, Harriet's History of Space Tourism, Bec's Big Idea, a song sung by the Voyager 2 space probe (who is a Geordie apparently) and much more... 



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