6: #15 Second babies, working with a newborn and lots more with Alice Rose

Finally Pregnant

By Cat Strawbridge (@tryingyears)

6: #15 Second babies, working with a newborn and lots more with Alice Rose

Wednesday, 4 March

I loved chatting to my amazing friend Alice for this episode where we talk about giving birth to a second child, working with a newborn and so much more!  Alice was 38 weeks when we chatted but I can tell you that she gave birth, via c section, to her gorgeous son Reggie last month. You can follow her story as a mum over at @alicerosethemama as well as her infertility support account @thisisalicerose.

There is some sensitive content in this episode as Alice takes us through her fairly traumatic first birth story but, as we discuss, it can be good to hear other people’s not so good experiences as it arms us with ideas and questions about what we do and don’t want to happen which will help us self advocate throughout our own pregnancies and births – something that Alice and I both fully support.

Alice worked with Birth Trauma London during this pregnancy to try to reconcile some of her feelings around her first birth and it really helped her.
Something else we touch upon is our partners and how much they need support too. I recently heard that Viran Swami was asking for post natal depression screening for men which I think is a great idea.  Here’s a bit more information on this.

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