2: #11 Motherkind founder Zoe Blaskey - Pregnancy and Motherhood

Finally Pregnant

By Cat Strawbridge (@tryingyears)

2: #11 Motherkind founder Zoe Blaskey - Pregnancy and Motherhood

Wednesday, 15 January

Join me as I chat to Zoe Blaskey – founder of Motherkind which includes an amazing podcast where Zoe speaks to world leading experts on a range of topics from self care, mental health, to career, nutrition and parenting.

Mother to daughter Jessie, Zoe and her husband Guy experienced two miscarriages before becoming pregnant again. I'm delighted to say they have recently welcomed their second daughter Rose to the world.

Huge thanks to Peanut for sponsoring this episode.  The mission of the founder Michelle Kennedy when creating the app was that no one should have to navigate womanhood alone. Especially the hard parts.

Peanut was initially created for mums, and I downloaded Peanut after having Wren because you can look for mums in your local area and connect or you can check out some of the message boards or ask questions yourself.

However, Peanut has recently expanded their community to women who are trying to conceive so you can connect with that amazing community too. Peanut's aim is to shine a light on these struggles, providing shared experience, compassion and community.

There's also some exciting news about some upcoming Finally Pregnant plans I have, more information and the launch date will be announced soon.  Come and follow me @tryingyears on instagram to be among the first to know!

If you have any questions about anything we discuss please don’t hesitate to contact myself or Zoe.

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Cat @tryingyears


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