4: #4 Pre and Post Natal Mental Health with Anya Hayes

Finally Pregnant

By Cat Strawbridge (@tryingyears)

4: #4 Pre and Post Natal Mental Health with Anya Hayes

Tuesday, 11 June

In this episode I am talking pre and post natal mental health with Anya Hayes of Mothers’ Wellness Toolkit.

Anya is an author and speaker particularly focused on women’s health and wellness. She is also a Pilates teacher specialising in pregnancy and post-natal, and is training to teach Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) – the NICE-recommended treatment for depression and anxiety. During the conversation Anya recommends Ruby Wax’s book Frazzled which is a great book on this topic! 

As you will hear Anya is a fountain of knowledge and, in addition to this episode of the Finally Pregnant podcast, you can tap into loads more information via her books which include Pregnancy: The Naked Truth, Pilates for Pregnancy and the Supermum Myth – details of these and all of her work can be found on her website

You can also find Anya on instagram @Mothers.Wellness.Toolkit.

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