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Ep 1: Gina and Stevie

Ep 1: Gina and Stevie

By Plosive

It’s MDL’s first episode! Gina loves social media, Stevie hates it, but they both find it interesting. So, each week they speak to people they love about their loves, hates and mistakes online. But! Before we start rummaging through guests’ timelines, Gina and Stevie examine their own social media feeds – and boy oh boy are there some regrets. They also play a game of Follow Unfollow Block which is FAR TOO CLOSE TO HOME.

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Hosted by Gina Martin and Stevie Martin.

Photo by Joe Magowan.

Artwork by Zoe Harrison.

Recorded by Ben Williams. 

Edited by Clarissa Maycock. 

Produced by Plosive Productions.

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