92 Fern Britton & The Family Feud

92 Fern Britton & The Family Feud

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 3 June

In today's episode, Catie, Hannah and Taylor welcome a very special detective to the force, who turned up in her dressing gown, notebook in hand and rocked the investigation - it's presenter and author, Fern Britton! 

As well as having the grey matter to solve the case and proving time and again that she's a step ahead of the game, she also spills the beans about the time she was duped by tricksters LIVE on TV! 

We then get to investigate a crime with a myriad of suspects - all from the same tight-knit family, which also includes some dubious medical advice .... should you be prescribed whisky for a liver complaint? Unless you're taking notes a la Fern, you're not taking this seriously enough! 

The gang also make light work of cracking this week's listener crime ...who says alcohol dulls the senses

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