4.  Will's theory about Aliens

4. Will's theory about Aliens

By Will & Ralf

Those of you who have listened to all our podcasts so far (all 3 of them) will know that Will's had some interesting theories about a few things, but most bonkers is his take on alien life forms and what exactly an alien is.

Ralf decided to get a guest to come and have two pints this week to interrogate Will's mind further, the results are epic.

Lewis Dartnell is an Astrobiologist specialising in life on Mars, check him out at www.lewisdartnell,com. This is a meeting on minds... one amazing one, and Will's.

As ever it's key we point out (or our lawyers will kill us) that our podcast has zero connection to the BBC show we were both in and is not a BBC Production.

(This episode was recorded in Late April 2020)

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