#67 Systemic Racism In The UK with Adam Pugh & Africa Daley-Clarke

#67 Systemic Racism In The UK with Adam Pugh & Africa Daley-Clarke

By Oenone

Hey Podulters, this episode was recorded live on the 10th February, however the sound quality wasn't very good so it never got released. In light of recents events I felt it needed to be shared more than ever so my fantastic producer Spike worked really hard to make it listenable! This episode is with Adam Pugh and Africa Daley-Clarke and it is about systemic racism in the UK. I hope you find it insightful and enlightening. I have included some resources below. O xx

Actions and resources to support #BlackLivesMatter



Anti-racism resources for white people 


Link to Housemans Books instagram


Link to Reni Eddo-Lodge initial blog; 


Survey to lobby for Britain’s colonial past to be taught in schools


The difference between equity and equality 


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