BONUS: We need to stay more connected than ever – check out Anthems

BONUS: We need to stay more connected than ever – check out Anthems

By QueerAF

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Monday, 8 June

If you're looking for #QueerAF this pride month for some LGBT love, inspiration and stories, you're in the right feed. But this is a bonus show, so check the feed below for one of our award-nominated episodes. 

This comes to you today* because at this STRANGEAF time, we need community and connection more than ever. We're featuring an excerpt from Anthems - a podcast of original manifestos, speeches, stories and poems from some of the UK's most prominent activists, artists and personalities, contemplating what to means to be human.


An episode from their second season, from exclusively LGBTQIA+ contributors including Travis Alabanza, Raven Smith, Char Ellesse and Ben Hunte – drops every day in June. 


Check out this episode of Anthems with Lotte Jeffs and listen to the full season dropping daily, whenever you listen to podcasts.


Remember to like, subscribe and rate them – like you do to our podcast – to help spread the #QueerAF message. 

Happy Pride month, stay connected. We are #QueerAF and so are you.  

We're sharing you this episode, because we love that Anthems, like our podcast, gives a platform to LGBT creators. At the end of their series, they'll also be sharing an episode with their listeners. Because LGBT+ podcasts are stronger united.


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