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Episode 179: Helping kids with anxiety with Dr Angharad

Episode 179: Helping kids with anxiety with Dr Angharad

By Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn

How can we help our children handle their worries? What's the best way to deal with bullying? Is it realistic to want kids to be happy all the time? Answering all these questions and more is the brilliant Dr Angharad Rudkin! 

She tells us about her work as a child psychologist, and how having kids herself changed the way she deals with parents. We find out why it's important to think about our core values, and how to help children manage their friendships. Plus, we discover what to do if your child's the one doing the bullying, and are relieved to learn not even child psychologists' kids eat their vegetables. 


Find Your Girl Squad, the book Dr Angharad co-wrote with Ruth Fitzgerald, is out now. Her other books, What's My Child Thinking? and What's My Teenager Thinking? are also available now.  

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