Nutritious Cooking On a Budget with Dr Rupy Aujla

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Nutritious Cooking On a Budget with Dr Rupy Aujla

Wednesday, 10 June

Have recent events made you a little more cautious and deliberate with your spending? We hear you. That’s why this week, in response to a flurry of your messages, we’re talking tips and strategies for putting together super-nutritious meals when you're on a budget. Roisín is joined by Dr Rupy Aujla, a medical doctor whose passion for nutrition is such that he’s created courses for top UK universities that educate doctors-in-training about the protective powers of different foods - and how they can bring healthy eating advice into their consulting rooms. He's also author of The Doctor’s Kitchen cookbooks, hosts a podcast series with the same name and is an unabashed food lover. Here, Dr Aujla makes a convincing case for why, if you want to hit all your nutritional targets (everything from getting ample fibre and protein to ensuring dietary diversity), while watching your finances, it's essential to find your groove with healthy cooking. Let's get stuck in.

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