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"Huddled together in a corner" | Episode 2

"Huddled together in a corner" | Episode 2

By Tash Walker, Adam Zmith and Shivani Dave

Pubs and clubs have brought LGBTQ+ people together for many years—to chat, plot, dance, and hook-up. Tash and Adam listen to stories from nights out in the 70s/80s, from the log books and new interviews. They hear how Elaine and Lyn’s lives changed forever in a pub more than three decades ago, and from the queer babes behind Aphrodyki, one of London’s hottest nights today.

The Log Books — stories from Britain’s LGBT+ history and conversations about being queer today. Produced by Shivani Dave, Adam Smith and Tash Walker, in partnership with Switchboard - the LGBT+ helpline.

Transcript here.

For more information about queer nightlife, take a look at:

Queer today, gone tomorrow: the fight to save LGBT nightlife

Music by Tom Foskett-Barnes

Artwork by Natalie Doto

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