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"Crashpad needed" | Episode 1

"Crashpad needed" | Episode 1

By Tash Walker, Adam Zmith and Shivani Dave

Runaways and rough sleepers, communes and flatshares, crashpads and catastrophes... Stories about home feature heavily in Switchboard’s log books. Tash and Adam listen to LGBT+ people who searched for somewhere to live in the 1970s, and hear about the persistent problem of homelessness in 2019.

Content warning: stories of suicide and racism, and historic terms.

Transcript here.

The Log Books — stories from Britain’s LGBT+ history and conversations about being queer today. Produced by Shivani Dave, Adam Smith and Tash Walker, in partnership with Switchboard - the LGBT+ helpline.

For more information about homelessness, take a look at:

The Outside Project


LGBT Youth Homelessness report by akt for the Proud Trust

Music by Tom Foskett-Barnes

Artwork by Natalie Doto

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