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S3 E7: dates, receipts & a blast from the past

S3 E7: dates, receipts & a blast from the past

By On The Latch

It's a triple threat on the fly!

NotAgainBen, GuyPewsey and JPLongland had eventful weeks from UFC & Formula One through to herpes and getting caught in the rain.

This week the boys are revelling in the James Charles// Tati Westbrook// Jeffree Star drama once more, and asking are gay men held to a difference standard then hettys? The news Britney may never perform again provokes some nostalgia and makes us wonder "Have we already peaked?".

JPLongland dives into his list of date questions to reveal what each of us would rescue from a burning building. AND THEN, in a the GAG OF THE SEASON we have a dilemma from a potentially familiar face.

This episode of On The Latch Podcast is sponsored by Deliveroo.
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