#55 Being a Healthy Vegan with BOSH!

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By Dr Rupy Aujla

#55 Being a Healthy Vegan with BOSH!

Today on the show I'm absolutely delighted to welcome along Henry Firth and Ian Theasby, the duo that make up BOSH!

It's likely that you've already heard of BOSH, they're the UKs leading Vegan influencers.  They launched BOSH to show people how great plant-based food could be and back in 2016 they posted a video that pretty much went viral overnight.

Since then, they've had an amazing 2 billion views online, with an average of 26 million views a month  - quite incredible isn't it and just shows what a following they have and how interested we are as a nation in plant based eating. Henry and Ian and are the UK’s bestselling vegan authors with 4 published books so far. And with their latest book - Healthy Vegan being a Sunday Times Bestseller. 

And to top everything off, they now host the first vegan cookery series on mainstream TV, called Living on The Veg which you can find on ITV. It's a fantastic show and helps to make plant based eating so much more accessible - definitely do go and check it out!

On the episode today you'll hear us chat through the following

How Henry and Ian first got into plant based eatingThe mission for BOSH in the UK and further afieldVeganism and nutritionHow they create such a great culture within their companyWhat it's like running a business together


I really think you're going to love this episode - it's such a great conversation with two super guys who are completely open and honest throughout our conversation and what a great community they have built up together.

And you absolutely must check out the most recent BOSH cookbook - Healthy Vegan  it's a super book with tons of great recipes that you will absolutely love - and do have a look at the other books too.

All other social media links for BOSH are noted below here.

Make sure you check out the recipe I cooked for Henry and Ian too on The Doctor's Kitchen YouTube Channel. I re-created a recipe from their book - it's a Goan style curry and is delicious.

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