#43 Eating Bread with Karen O’Donoghue

The Doctor's Kitchen Podcast

By Dr Rupy Aujla

#43 Eating Bread with Karen O’Donoghue

My guest today on the podcast is Karen O’ Donoghue who is the Founder of The Happy Tummy Co. which she established in Hackney, East London back in early 2014.

Having suffered with chronic IBS symptoms since childhood it was in 2013 that Karen cleared up her symptoms for good through applying 2 years of scientific research on how our gut bacteria like to eat to fermented bread recipes. From her bakery in Hackney.

Karen sent this unique, gut friendly bread throughout the UK and Ireland to help others eradicate themselves of their IBS symptoms too.

It quickly became known as “the magic poo bread”.

An activist for fibre, real bread, connecting with the land and teff Karen has now moved to East Sussex where she has opened a bakery school deep in the countryside surrounded by farmland, herds of cattle and sheep and night time hedgehogs. Her mission to re-establish connection with the earth and our hands is paramount in her mission to eradicate people of their IBS symptoms.

We talk about so many different topics on this podcast. Karen's journey, the importance of seed banks and maintaining an open and respectful perspective on different types of farming.

And remember, you can checkout the recipe I made Karen over on YouTube by clicking here:

Also go check out The Happy Tummy.co website and do follow Karen and the team on Instagram too and keep an eye out for any events they are hosting this year or festivals that they're going to be at - definitely get yourself along to something if you can, you won't regret it!


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