#40 The Doctors Dinner Party with Your Lifestyle Doctors

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By Dr Rupy Aujla

#40 The Doctors Dinner Party with Your Lifestyle Doctors

In their own words, Your Lifestyle Doctors are:

A group of doctors who are passionate about helping their patients and the public to live healthier lives. They have a broad and unique set of expertise between them and decided to use their knowledge collaboratively as ‘your lifestyle doctors’. Their focus is on prevention and lifestyle factors to improve and optimise health. 

Take a look at their Instagram page @yourlifestyledoctors where you’ll find a wealth of health information. They cover posts in:

* Nutrition

* Healthy Recipes 

* Physical Exercise and Home Workouts

* Stress Management including Meditation & Mindfulness

* Behaviour Change 

One of their main aims is to help you gain the knowledge, know how and health hacks to get you into better health. They’ll be hosting interactive workshops where you’ll leave with an abundance of tips to get you on the road to better health.

Social media:

Instagram: yourlifestyledoctors



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