#28 The Brain Gut Connection with Dr Rabia Lalani

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By Dr Rupy Aujla

#28 The Brain Gut Connection with Dr Rabia Lalani

Today on the Podcast I’m speaking to Dr Rabia Lalani, a Gastroenterologist and clinical research fellow at the Wingate Institute of Neurogastroenterology from Queen Mary University.

Dr Rabia is in the process of creating a guide using slow deep breathing techniques with audio-visual biofeedback for relief of anxiety & digestive discomfort.

On this pod we’ll be focusing on:

The gut brain-axisFunctional gut issuesHow stress impacts gut healthLiving with gut issuesThe impact of lifestyle interventions such as breathing

You’ll find the recipe video that I cooked for Dr Rabia - Tarragon and Sun-dried Tomato Savoury Oats - on the show on my youtube channel so you can see how delicious and easy it was to make .. even whilst recording a podcast!

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