#19 Eat For Inflammation - with Dr Jenna Macciochi

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By Dr Rupy Aujla

#19 Eat For Inflammation - with Dr Jenna Macciochi

Today we have Dr Jenna back with us - this time to talk about Eating for Inflammation - you might wonder why I have an immunologist here to talk about inflammation - that will become very clear throughout our conversation.

In today's podcast we talk about inflammation as a concept - why it's becoming so popular in the medical literature and why it's so relevant to a host of different medical specialties.

Today we cover the following:

What do we mean by inflammation?The benefits of inflammationSymptoms of inflammation imbalanceHow we measure inflammationStopping the inflammation triggersThe microbiome and inflammationObesity and inflammation imbalanceSugar and inflammation

If I was to summarise our conversation in a dietary way of life - it would be the Mediterranean diet. As we alluded to in our conversation, the Mediterranean diet is known to be anti-inflammatory, and now you have an understanding of what we mean by anti-inflammation.

Inflammation isn't something that we need to radically remove entirely, its use in human biology needs to be understood. But in the context of our modern lifestyles we are usually out of balance.

If you have a copy of my new book - Eat to Beat Illness - make sure you check out the page where I have a diagram looking at what is pro and what is anti-inflammatory in our modern world.


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