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Episode 06: Hyping Census 2020 with Maria Dautruche: My Family Matters, My Family Counts!

Episode 06: Hyping Census 2020 with Maria Dautruche: My Family Matters, My Family Counts!

By Race Forward

We’re talking all about the upcoming Census 2020, and the “My Family Matters, My Family Counts" campaign! 


In this episode, Maria Dautruche, Vice President for Foundation Partnerships at the National Urban League joins Hiba, Chevon, and Elana Needle, to talk about her work in fundraising, racial equity, civic engagement, and discusses her role in the reproductive justice field as co-founder of New Voices For Reproductive Justice. 


Maria describes the framework of the “My Family Matters, My Family Counts” campaign, answers questions about families being accurately counted on Census Day, and talks about the impact of the census on communities of color in the next decade.  


We preview “What is Energy Democracy?”, our new video available on YouTube, that uplifts the events of the 2019 Strategic Energy Democracy Convening. Thirty-six energy democracy leaders from across the nation convened to build collective power around the mission of advancing the movement to democratize energy, while placing an important emphasis on the centrality of race to energy issues.


*Producer’s note: In this episode there are references to in-person organizing for Census 2020. In the wake of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Emergency, we encourage all organizing to take place by phone or online. Please see our official statement below. 




Resources (by order of mention) 


My Family Votes, My Family Counts


Census Website (take the census online)


What Is Energy Democracy? (Video)


W.K. Kellogg Foundation


National Urban League


New Voices For Reproductive Justice


Racial Equity Anchor Twitter


Maria Dautruche Twitter


Maria Dautruce Instagram


My Black Counts Instagram


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