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Episode 05: Kenrya Rankin, Fighting White Supremacy, and Black Romance Literature

Episode 05: Kenrya Rankin, Fighting White Supremacy, and Black Romance Literature

By Race Forward

Kenrya Rankin, author, activist, doula, and former senior editorial director of Colorlines, joins Chevon and Hiba to talk about everything from ‘freedom dreaming’ to Black love and sex in books and podcasts.  Kenrya talks about her beginnings in Cleveland and her move to New York, what her book How We Fight White Supremacy: A Field Guide To White Resistance means to her one year later, and her own journey as co-host of The Turn On, a podcast about sex and literary erotica.


We preview a new Mass Freedom FRED Talks conversation between Dawn Harrington, Executive Director at Free Hearts, and Jessica Rodriguez, an immigrant rights activist and Director of the Southside Workers Center. They explore why it’s important to build solidarity across movements to end mass incarceration and mass detention.


In celebration of Black History Month and Valentine’s Day, Hiba and Chevon discuss the late Eva Rutland’s contributions to the romance novel genre, and talk about the importance of uplifting Black romance writing and representation. 


Resources (by order of mention) 


Eva Rutland, Browne Popular Culture Library (Thread)


Entwined Destinies Digital Gallery: Elsie B. Washington, Vivian Stephens, and 40 Years of Black Voices in Romance


30 Romance Authors of Color You Should Be Reading, Twin Cities Geek


Mass Freedom FRED Talks with Dawn Harrington and Jessica Rodriguez


Kenrya Rankin Website


The new and updated Colorlines website


How We Fight White Supremacy: A Field Guide To Resistance


The Turn On Podcast


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