Episode 02: The “Joker” and Cancel Culture, and Immigration & an Expanded Lens on the Crisis at the Border with Tsion Gurmu

Episode 02: The “Joker” and Cancel Culture, and Immigration & an Expanded Lens on the Crisis at the Border with Tsion Gurmu

By Race Forward

In this episode of Momentum, Hiba and Chevon take on ‘cancel culture’ in the comedy world, discussing “Joker” director Todd Phillips recent comments about not being able to make comedy films because of “woke culture”, and Saturday Night Live’s recent hiring and firing of Shane Gillis.

Race Forward’s Research Associate Yirssi, joins the conversation to talk about her work with “Shattered Families” around the intersection of immigration enforcement and the child welfare system, and gives us insight into the current state of the work and what she saw on her recent trip to Arizona and Mexico.


Our featured guest is Tsion Gurmu, Legal Director of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI), who joins the podcast for a conversation on her background as an asylum seeker from Ethiopia, BAJI’s efforts in lifting up black immigrant experiences with narrative projects such as their recent Black Lives At The Border webinar and direct work in Tapachula, Mexico.


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Resources (by order of mention)


Shattered Families



Florence Immigrant & Refugee Rights Project






Al Otro Lado



Colorlines Reporting



BAJI (Black Alliance for Just Immigration)



Black Lives At The Border (report and webinar)




Demands from the Assembly of African Migrants in Tapachula



National Immigrant Integration Conference

(October 20-22, 2019)



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