Chessie King on Self Kindness and Her Body Confidence Journey

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Chessie King on Self Kindness and Her Body Confidence Journey

Wednesday, 17 June

If sunshine’s energy could be distilled and infused into a British millennial woman, the prime candidate would probably be 26-year-old Chessie King. The presenter, blogger and author of new book How To Be Your Own Best Friend is a champion of body confidence and self-kindness. She’s earned an army of loyal fans thanks, in part, to her willingness to show her ‘imperfections’ (think: cellulite, rolls of skin on her midsection), but Chessie’s not always enjoyed such a free, confident and self-loving relationship with herself and her body. In fact, her disordered pursuit of becoming her smallest, leanest self saw her overtrain her body to the extent that she experienced a mini stroke, which left her with a heart condition and hearing loss that still affect her today. Here, she tells Roisín about the life lessons she’s learned along the way and why she's so determined that other women won't need such a dramatic event to make them realise how important it is to listen to their bodies. Plus, she shares her top tips for practising self-kindness and why everyone listening can improve their body confidence - no matter where yours it at right now.

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Be Your Own Best Friend: The Glorious Truths of Being Female by Chessie King is published by Harper Collins and out now


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