30. How Do You Like Your Eggs? - Part 2.

Dope Black Mums

By Dope Black Mums

30. How Do You Like Your Eggs? - Part 2.

An Infertility and Egg Donation Special with Dr. Edi-Osagie

Scrambled? Poached? Or donated? This week the Dope Back Mums return for Part 2 of our fertility and egg donation special with fertility specialist and gynaecology consultant Dr. Edmond Edi-Osagie. This episode the Dope Black Mums talk all things egg related and unpack why there is such a need for Black egg donors. Can a Black woman be implanted with a white egg? What are the moral and ethical concerns around egg donation? And with 2% of babies in the UK born from egg donors why are black women not coming forward? Dr. Edi-Osagie answers ALL our probing questions in this eggs-ellent episode.

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