27. The True Colour Of Colourism

Dope Black Mums

By Dope Black Mums

27. The True Colour Of Colourism

Trigger warning - this podcast contains sensitive content which some listeners may find upsetting.

After the recent exposure of negativity against dark skinned black women on social media this week, the Dope Black Mums are joined by social worker, mental health advocate and award winning dope black mum, Tokunbo Koiki, as they unpack colourism and the cost it has on our children’s wellbeing.

The Dope Black Mums hear, first hand, the devastating effects of colourism, as Tokunbo opens up about her daughter’s hospitalisation after being tormented at secondary school over her dark skin complexion.

Why is colourism more rife than ever? What do our ‘preferences’ really say about our psyche? And what can we do as mothers to protect ur children from this harmful self hatred?

Join us for an urgent, important episode that shines a light on some ugly realities.

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