Episode 180: Lockdown Special: Helen's news, homeschooling, and hanging on in there

Episode 180: Lockdown Special: Helen's news, homeschooling, and hanging on in there

By Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn

The Scummy Mummies Podcast

Tuesday, 23 June

JUST THE TWO OF US! For only the fourth time in Scummy Mummies history, there is no guest for this episode - it’s just us dickheads. We’re meeting up in our cosy bubble to share some personal news, and to talk about how we’ve found lockdown. We share our coping strategies, and what we do on the days we’re really not coping very well at all, actually. Find out how we’re getting on with homeschooling, hear about the newest member of Helen’s family, and learn what Ellie's been doing beside her parents' bins.

The podcast Helen recommends is the excellent Divorce Club. The terms Ellie can't remember that Brené Brown uses are over- and under-functioning, and you can hear her explain them in a much more articulate way on the Unlocking Us podcast

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