#57 How To Reverse Ageing (Part 1 of 4). The History of Longevity Research with Sue Armstrong

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By Dr Rupy Aujla

#57 How To Reverse Ageing (Part 1 of 4). The History of Longevity Research with Sue Armstrong

My guest today is Sue Armstrong, journalist and author of the fantastic book “Borrowed Time – The Science of How and Why We Age”.

We have a conversation about all things related to ageing, why it occurs, why there’s renewed interest in it and what we can do about it. Sue beautifully lays out the history of longevity research in her book, the origins of this fascinating scientific discipline and what the latest research means for you.

Sue is a writer and broadcaster specialising in science, health and development issues. As a foreign correspondent, she covered EU affairs from Brussels for 3 years. Based subsequently in South Africa for 8 years, she reported for a variety of media - notably New Scientist magazine, BBC World Service radio, and various UN agencies including the World Health Organization, for whom her major focus was the AIDS epidemic then spreading explosively in East, Central and southern Africa.


On the show today we discuss:

How Sue's career got started as well as her experience reporting on Nelson Mandelas release from prisonHer time spent researching and reporting on HIVThe origins of ageing research and interrelated tales of mavericks, worms and fruitflies The different theories of why we ageCellular senescence The ageing immune systemCalorie restriction and its pros and consWhether the quest for longevity is a narcissistic endeavourTrue gerontology vs the “immortalists” 


And definitely go and check out Sue's book - 'Borrowed Time - The Science of How and Why We Age' which is a really super interesting read.

All other social media links for Sue are noted below here and do check out The Doctor's Kitchen website for full show notes and links to publications and articles that Sue wanted to share with listeners.

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