95 Jane Fallon: Unreliable Witness

95 Jane Fallon: Unreliable Witness

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 24 June

It's another day in lockdown, but that's not gonna stop The Drunk Women from smashing a case, whilst getting smashed over Zoom. 

Joining them this week is bestselling author Jane Fallon, who despite not showing early promise as a reliable witness, certainly went on to prove her sleuthing-smarts, as she provides the kind of observations worthy of someone at the top of the force. 

This week's case involves a 'power couple' of crime and although Jane wouldn't notice them actually committing a felony, she'd certainly be able to spot them in a line up. 

The team then go on to hear about a listener crime which also displays some pretty stunning (if rather dangerous) crime solving skills! 

Who says you can't bring your A-game whilst drinking? 

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