How To Take Control of Your Hormones

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By Women's Health UK

How To Take Control of Your Hormones

Wednesday, 24 June

This week we’re going full-on health geek and diving into the fascinating world of hormones. Why? Well, because getting to grips with how these little chemical messengers work is integral to achieving so many of the health goals you tell us you want to really nail - whether that’s having more energy, being more productive, or maintaining your happy weight. In this episode, Roisín is joined by GP and integrative medicine specialist Dr Sohere Roked alongside Dr Michael Craig, a consultant psychiatrist at London's Maudsley hospital and a leading PMS researcher. They discuss how hormones actually operate, how to get yours in balance and why, if you’re eating well and working out but still feeling decidedly off, they might be to blame. The doctors also discuss the latest research and treatment options for common hormonal conditions such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and severe PMS. Time to plug in, get to know the inner workings of your body a bit better - and, ultimately, help it work a bit better for you.

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