35. When Love Hurts, Physically.

Dope Black Mums

By Dope Black Mums

35. When Love Hurts, Physically.

**Trigger Warning** ⚠️

Abuse happens. To 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men. We need to talk about it. In this hard-hitting episode, the Dope Black Mums are joined by Daisy who is a dope black mum and a domestic violence survivor. We are more than honored to have Daisy onto the Dope Black Mums podcast to share her story about living with emotional, physical, and sexual abuse - and surviving it. Daisy opens up about her painful and shocking marriage in an effort to help others to recognise the early warning signs and to break the taboo surrounding gendered violence. We are incredibly proud of Daisy and her three children, and we are equally proud to share this powerful podcast with you.

Disclaimer: We state in this Podcast that black women are more likely to experience abuse. This was drawn from US and not UK statistics. At present in the UK there is no evidence to suggest any ethnic group is more at risk of abuse. However, they may be more likely to face barriers receiving the help they need. We apologies for any confusion.

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