Caroline Criado Perez and Tracy King on the gender data gap that's putting lives at risk

Caroline Criado Perez and Tracy King on the gender data gap that's putting lives at risk

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Caroline Criado Perez is an author and feminist campaigner. Tracy King is a writer and campaigner. Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez exposes the erasure of women in a world that’s been designed BY men FOR men — and men alone. In this world, women sit shivering in offices set to male temperatures, they hold phones that are too big for their hands, they struggle to reach the rail on the tube set to a male height. But discomfort is just one part of the puzzle. This data gap is also putting women’s lives at risk. Invisible Women delves into the consequences of not collecting data specific to women and proves that decision-makers in urban planning, transportation, policy, design, science, and manufacturing are overlooking the needs of half the world's population. Writer and campaigner Tracy King ran a successful crowdfunding campaign to send a copy of the book to every MP in the country in the hope that lawmakers will take action against the gender data gap at the heart of this systemic discrimination. Those books have now been delivered to every single MP.

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