97 Dr Nidhi Gupta & The Unfit Husband

97 Dr Nidhi Gupta & The Unfit Husband

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 8 July

We all know that crime busting and the medical profession go hand-in-hand, after-all where would Holmes be without his Dr Watson?

The cop in Diagnosis Murder wouldn't solve ANYTHING without his dad, Dr Dick Van-Dyke and don't get me STARTED on Quincy!

Well, this week's episode of DWSC sees our sloshed sleuths welcome their very own Watson in the form of (non-drunken) Doctor Nidhi Gupta to the force.

Nidhi is a film maker and writer and took the unexpected step of returning to front line medicine to work on the Covid 19 wards - contracting the virus herself whilst saving the lives of others. It was during this time that she became victim of perhaps the most cowardly crime EVER committed, as you'll hear for yourself.

Our doctor / detective team then go-on to solve a crime which ends-up implicating those at the very top of society...it's a scenario which wouldn't look too out of place today.

Talking about history repeating itself, Nidhi also talks about her amazing crowd fund project to make a film about how we can learn from past catastrophes, look here for more info:-


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