The New Rules for Better Sleep that Every Woman Needs

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By Women's Health UK

The New Rules for Better Sleep that Every Woman Needs

Wednesday, 8 July

Sleeping soundly is something that’s become an increasingly elusive goal since the pandemic pressed pause on our daily way of operating. So much so that UCL research out in June revealed two thirds of people surveyed have been experiencing some sort of sleep disturbance in lockdown. Far from ideal when you consider that getting adequate, good quality sleep is a critical factor in us being able to feel and function at our best - and that experts believe we’ll be cycling in and out lockdowns until a Covid-19 vaccine is found. While much of the anxiety and stress of this moment can harm your sleep whatever your gender, as a woman, you’re up against specific slumber saboteurs. From extra caring responsibilities to hormonal gymnastics, women have - as one of today’s guests puts it - ‘really hit the jackpot’. Thankfully today’s guests - both foremost experts in their respective fields within the science of women’s sleep - come armed with tonnes of tips and tactics that we can all use to help us protect our sleep and live better. Joining Roisín this week are Dr Shelby Harris, a NYC-based clinical psychologist and author of The Women’s Guide To Overcoming Insomnia and Dr Katharina Lederle, consultant human sleep and fatigue specialist and author of Sleep Sense. Whether your wake-up-at-3am insomnia has reared it's head in recent weeks; the specific anxieties of the moment mean, for the first time, you’re struggling to nod off; or you’re a late riser who’s thriving on their new set-your-own schedule and worried about returning to the office 9-5, they’ve got you. 

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