How to Break Out of Negative Eating Patterns

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How to Break Out of Negative Eating Patterns

Thursday, 16 July

If there’s been one common thread weaving through your episode request messages over the past couple of months, it’s that many of you want our experts’ guidance on breaking out of unhealthy eating patterns. Just a few examples: Lauren wanted to learn strategies with which to curb her snacking, Hannah wanted to know what will stop her snacking on junk food, while Leila wants help disrupting her emotional eating reflex. At the other end of the spectrum, plenty more of you wanted advice on how you can avoid slipping back into restrictive habits around food. This week, Roisín is joined by Dr Laurel Mellin, associate clinical professor at the University of California San Francisco and founder of neuroscience-based, habit-change system Emotional Brain Training - alongside Renee McGregor, leading sports and eating disorders dietician. They discuss how the surprisingly simple principles of neurophysiology can help anyone manage emotional eating issues, food and feelings-based ways to temper sugar cravings - and what to do if the stress of the pandemic is tipping you toward restrictive eating habits. 

Dr Laurel Mellin is author of The Stress Eating Solution, find out more about Emotional Brain Training.

Renee McGregor is author of Training Food and co-host of the Train Brave podcast, join her on Instagram @r_mcgregor

Join Roisín Dervish-O'Kane on Instagram: @roisin.dervishokane


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What is neurophysiology and how can it help disrupt negative eating patterns?

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An energy-sustaining healthy eating schedule 

Sweet tooth in overdrive? Why you might not be eating enough

If you'r struggling with disordered eating right now, check out the UK's Eating Disorders Charity BEAT for information and support:

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