CIPYD 246: Rebecca Stern and Mo

Can I Pet Your Dog?

By Renee and Alexis

CIPYD 246: Rebecca Stern and Mo

Tuesday, 21 July

Happy Max Fun Drive Week Two, to YOU! We're over the moon to have you join us for today's episode as we swap quesadilla "recipes" and ponder how on earth we don't have a cooking show. But don't worry! We get back on dog-track in this week's Crumboat where Crumb was a bashful bear at the dog park and Tugboat met his kid-on-a-leash match. Then, we've got a delightful no-rules My Mutt Minute from Charlsie and her Dream Dog. And for the grand finale, director Rebecca Stern of the HBO documentary WELL GROOMED is here to tell us all about her heartwarming film and about her pup Mo! Cuddle a collie and tune in!


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