99 Esther Manito & Game of Stones

99 Esther Manito & Game of Stones

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 22 July

Hooray, the Drunk Women continue to entertain themselves AND us through these socially distant times by welcoming a guest to help solve a crime, whilst getting responsibly sozzled!

In today's episode, the gang are joined by comedian Esther Manito, whose suspicion of children on the crime scene could have been a direct result of her younger years... although we're not sure Oliver Twist would have walked backwards into the cinema...

She proves invaluable however in today's main case which seems to play-up to the stereotype of students being big stoners, but probably not in the way YOU'RE thinking.

There's also a royal connection and an unearthed mystery which could well reveal itself at the next coronation.

Plus: a listener crime which proves a vacuum can be a deadly weapon.

Heads-up: Get ready to pop the prosecco with the Drunk Women & VERY special guest next week for their ONE HUNDREDTH episode!  

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