Can smokers quitting in record numbers keep it up?

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Can smokers quitting in record numbers keep it up?

Thursday, 23 July

Smokers have quit the habit in record numbers as people in the UK renew focus on their health amid the pandemic.

Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) estimates one million people have stopped smoking since April, the biggest fall for a decade.

“We did check our numbers more than once, I can tell you!” Hazel Cheeseman, the director of policy at the campaigning public health charity, tells Kylie Pentelow.

Hazel shares the various social factors which may have changed people’s habits and explains why the charity expect some of the quitters to return to smoking.

But is it clear smoking makes Covid-19 symptoms worse? And is vaping any better?

Plus, for those still smoking but keen to quit, stay listening for help on the best first steps.

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