CIPYD 247: Travis McElroy is here and 5 years!

Can I Pet Your Dog?

By Renee and Alexis

CIPYD 247: Travis McElroy is here and 5 years!

Tuesday, 28 July

Max Fun Drive Week 3!!! We're more than halfway through Max Fun Drive, and if we do say so ourselves, you listeners have been absolute CHAMPS about it all! We love you so much! This week it's our NBD 5 year anniversary, Alexis survives a drive-up vet appointment and Renee gets a glimpse of what it would be like to have an "easy' dog. Nora and Rivers are here with an A+++ My Mutt Minute. And the one, the only, the original Prodoofuss himself, Travis McElroy is here to tell us all about Buttercup and Lily and life during the pandemic. And of course, our amplify segment. Grab a pug on a plane and zoom in! 

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