100 One Hundredth Episode with Ricki Lake

100 One Hundredth Episode with Ricki Lake

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 29 July

Yes, that's right, Taylor, Catie and Hannah have gotten drunk at least ONE HUNDRED times (there were a few practice runs), all in the name of solving crime.... well, mostly in the name of solving crime.

The gang have had some exemplary company along the way and this week their 100th guest-sleuth is none other than film star, talk show host & documentary maker - Ricki Lake!

Ricki shows dedication to the force by indulging in some day-time drinking on account of appearing from a different time zone (as if by magic) and sharing the story of the time she ended up behind bars - who knew?!

The team then get down to solving a case about a perp talented at creating some pretty cool pseudonyms, and discover that detective Lake is more than an asset to the force - they don't call her 'One-Take-Lake' for nothing - as you'll find out.

So pop a cork and join in with this centenary episode, thanks SO much for being with us for the last one hundred shows, here's to the next one hundred! X

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