How To Build A Regular Yoga Practice

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How To Build A Regular Yoga Practice

Thursday, 30 July

What’s your relationship with yoga like right now? Maybe you’ve never really ‘got’ yoga (or thought that it’s for you) but the stresses of this moment mean you’re keen to access those juicy mind-body-soul-everything benefits that fans go on about. Perhaps you only flow on a fairweather basis and you’re curious about the benefits you might unlock if you start to practice regularly. Or maybe you’re someone who previously got a real buzz from attending studio classes, don't feel comfortable returning just yet, and need some inspiration to reinvigorate your at-home practice. Wherever you're at right now, we’re confident that, by the end of this episode, you'll want to unfurl that mat before you can say 'savasana'. This week's host Morgan Fargo, Women's Health's Digital Fitness Writer, is joined by two yoga experts full of tips and tactics to help you build a regular yoga practice. The first is Jessica Olie, a former elite swimmer and sports science grad who’s built a 900k-strong community around her online yoga workouts and #LetsStartYoga ebooks. Then there’s Nahid de Belgeonne, the former yoga sceptic and founder of The Human Method, which is a blend of yoga flow, restorative poses and breathing techniques she uses to soothe the nervous systems and improve the lives of her high-powered and highly-stressed clients. Together they discuss the importance of starting small, new ways to find joy within your self-practice and why yoga, truly, is for everyone.

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