101 Synchronising With Viv Groskop

101 Synchronising With Viv Groskop

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 5 August

In this week's episode, the Drunk Women welcome a guest who has ALL the smarts to be a top detective; it's writer, comedian and podcaster, Viv Groskop!

Although Viv doesn't hail from the big city, she grew up having to keep her wits about her on the mean streets of Somerset in order to provide key statements to the local police - as you will hear.

These foundation skills enable Viv to ask all the right questions and get to the nub of it all... whilst the others do what they do best... basically most of the stuff that Viv does but with about 6 drinks inside of them. All together though, they make quite a team and do a pretty thorough job in solving a case which had dire consequences for thousands of people on one fateful day.

We then hear from a listener who needs a mystery solving which only brings home to the rest of us how stingy our Aunties actually are.

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