TN:47 Badly Drawn Boy & Gethin Pearson

Tape Notes

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TN:47 Badly Drawn Boy & Gethin Pearson

Thursday, 6 August

In this episode, John catches up with Badly Drawn Boy A.K.A Damon Gough and producer Gethin Pearson to talk through how they wrote, recorded and produced ‘Banana Skin Shoes’. 

After numerous false starts producing the album – his first after an 8 year hiatus – Damon paired up with Gethin, bringing a new enthusiasm to Damon’s musical endeavours and with him a pool of new talent to draw inspiration from. We get to hear a plethora of demos and track breakdowns as the pair chart the development of the album and gain a fascinating insight into the philosophy behind their creative decisions. From a post Valentine’s breakfast date and a shared love of the Beastie Boys, Gethin and Damon reflect on their time working together and the importance of the relationship between producer and artist. 

Listen to hear how Damon’s chat after a toilet break was sampled into something much more meaningful, how he managed to include Brexit, his unborn child and Bono in the same song, and why the best piece of equipment you can have is a good artist. 


Tracks discussed: Colours, Banana Skin Shoes, Is This A Dream? 


Listen to 'Banana Skin Shoes' here.

'Banana Skin Shoes' - Damon Gough, AWAL Recordings Ltd



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